About Me


I am a PhD student from Australia, currently living in New York.


I live, breathe and love science – the weirder the better.

Self portrait


10 responses to “About Me

  1. Kathy

    I love it, particularly the photo 🙂

  2. LOL Yes, nice pic. You have blogged about all sorts of things I was planning to blog about, clearly you are a person of great perspicacity and wisdom. Great blog, am enjoying it immensely.


  3. I second Doug’s comment above. Nice to make your acquaintance, and hope the PhD is going well (from a fellow PhD victim sympathiser, also from the Great Southern Land 😉 )

  4. Bill

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts. You’re a good writer — you should write for Discovery or some other science mag. (I’m a copy editor at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel so I particularly appreciate interesting writing.) Good luck.

  5. Fun blog! Found it through my flappy-footed pets. Quacks, Tiff (Flapper’s human)

  6. that is the most stupidest picture and it could never be cute it look’s like the thing from charlie and the chocolate factory and that when i was younger i cried at it is hidious i reapete hidious

  7. Cecile

    Hi Eccentric Scientist and fellow Aussie

    I am writing a children’s picture book that tries to explain a few things scientifically but simply (for 4 to 6 yr olds). Would you review what I am trying to write about ducks being able to paddle in cold water?

  8. mits

    Nice to stumble upon such an interesting site. love it!
    Hope you haven’t stopped posting. Can’t see any new posts here, have you shifted to another site?

  9. Ur the best dude im doing this eye color on a science project fro school and i go and a on what u said

  10. got and A plus on what you said your the best man

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