Do brown eyes see better than blue?

Recent research shows that blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women. Thus it appears that, at least to some observers, eye colour is important.

But why do humans have different eye colours?

It mostly comes down to the amount and location of melanin (yes, the same substance which controls skin colour) in the human eye. Pale eyes such as blue, grey or green eyes contain little melanin, dark brown eyes more. Which eye colour you get is primarily determined from genetic variation based on the eye colour of your parents.

But does your eye colour influence how you see?

It turns out that it does. The darker the eyes, the more light is absorbed as light waves pass through the eye, and the less light is available to reflect within the eye. Light reflection (scatter) within the eye can cause susceptibility to glare (eg. sun or headlights) and to poor contrast discernment. Thus it seems that people with darker eyes may have better vision in high-glare situations – perhaps this makes them better night drivers, for example.

Eye colour may also affect your colour vision. Here it seems that lighter eyes may provide some advantages.

So it seems to me that blue-eyed people should really go for dark-eyed partners – this way one can pick the paint colours, and the other can drive home at night.


Coppens JE, Franssen L, van den Berg TJ (2006) Wavelength dependence of intraocular straylight Exp. Eye Res. 82(4):688-92

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198 responses to “Do brown eyes see better than blue?

  1. angelica

    so does this mean that when driving drunk, people with brown eyes are less likely to get in an accident than people with blue eyes?

    • No, just more likely to drive drunk as more drunks are brown eyed.

      • Rianne

        that, my dear, is because half of the world’s population has brown eyes =.=

      • Weet-ZEEL-O-POCHTLI

        Ok…look… brown eye people will once agein rule this earth…because blue eye people are not fit for the sol purpose of being human. For they are the ones who fucked up the genetic code.

      • Person

        That is such an awful generalization. Just as many blue eyed (if not more) as brown eyed people are drunks. And I have nothing against blue eyes. I really like them. The majority of my friends have blue eyes. It’s just that you cannot say that brown eyed people are drunks, just to make yourself feel good, or whatever you are trying to accomplish by saying that…

      • Chuck tha Swede

        Probably there in your land but in Scandinavia it’s quite the opposit. In case you didn’t know, there’s actually worlds, other countries & people abroad!

      • Master_iPad

        Please understand that China and India alone make up about 37% of the world’s population…

    • Actually people with blue eyes have been proven to have a higher alcohol tolerance so they would be less likely to be drunk in the first place.

      • Grey

        It’s actually the other way around. Except in East Asians. That’s why white people get knocked on there as after a few drinks XD

      • Cy

        That is an absurd assumption. Alcohol tolerance has nothing to do with eye color. I have brown eyes and can drink 10 glasses of pure vodka and walk perfectly straight (I have already done it)….that comes from habit and partly genetics: in my case, I suspect the great grandfather who owned a distillery and drank the entire day has something to do with it 🙂

      • hookt44

        grey your a dumb ass .. give me a few drinks and youll be the one on your ass bud !

  2. cindratee

    I have to agree with the glare issue. I wear sunglasses even on cloudy days.
    Here’s one for genetics. I am blonded (with a little help now), blue eyed, light complexion, left handed, non tongue rolling child of two dark hair (almost black), dark complexion, brown eyed, right handed, tongue rollers. Can it get any more recessive than that?

  3. cindratee

    Is spelling genetic… the word is blond (although saying I am blonded could be correct since a person creates that look with a brush and some sauce.)


      Ok… look>>
      for all u people who do not understand ”Rape” from the beging of time>>>when blue eye people took your land and made who u are now.Its time for a wake up call……do your history.

      • Fuck you

        Aryans will rule the earth dear dumbass.

      • No. Just No.

        First of all Beginning* You* It’s*, secondly Calm yourself maybe you need to go back to english class before you start correcting people on their history knowledge. And the word Rape is totally irrelevant to the subject at hand.

      • Cy

        Highly unlikely “Fuck You”, since genetics has proven that ultimately our descendants will all look similar…hate to break it to you, but dark haired/brown eyed, even though perhaps not as pretty, are dominant genes….hence probability wise humanity is heading that way, especially now with all the interbreeding between people (and it has been proven).

      • Cooleyoo

        I hope u know blue eyed people were jealous of brown eyed people because brown eyed people had advanced civilizations while blue eyed people sat in caves and lived in mountains. You only took over because brown eyed people showed hospitality and allowed u to live among them. No go back to your cave or mountain and SHUT UP!

    • dav0071

      I fcuking hate the spelling police, so you can spell, or your more careful with your spell checker. can I worship you?’ Your so great…

      • No problem

        You’re* (for both instances)

      • lucus

        my research has led me to no that ther are 5 original rout races for humens black peaple was the 1st of our creaters creation white peaple were the 5th and the last race of humens to be updated as in moor developed like when a sientist makes a invention then gos bac to it and makes it better as in e.g upgrade so to all u brown eyed peaple with dark skin like to course white peaple to make your self feel better have a fink about that peeeeece

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  6. iamhere

    you shouldnt drive drunk dumbass

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  8. ~!~!~TWILIGHT~!~!~

    ….Soo Thiss Means That Brown Eyes Are SOOOO Much Better?

    • Tyga

      no not at all this also means light eyed people have better perception and this explains whenever a photo is taken i blink and almost cry and then everyone says just look away i try and the same happens

  9. i have tested many of eyes in my line of work and usually the people who need glasses have blue eyes but last year 65% of people who need galsses had brown eyes. so i dont think there is a rashional expenation why brown eyes see better in the sun than blue eyes even though i have blue eyes and i can see well in the sun.

    • mike

      Rational, explanation. Who’s eyes are you testing? You can’t even write, how did you make it through school?

      • Roberto Pulsen

        Funny!!! lucy is a fck brazillian nazi and can´t even write english but is an eyes expert eye doctor!!!! To point it out and show how dumb this people are and yet rules the world. The fact is that jews are 23% of all Nobel price winners and there is 0.2% of jews on earth and they is the superior race? Seems to me that like all nazi things it´s just the oposite and they lie thru theyr teeth, Hitler killed the resarch of the so called superior race research digging by the arqueologists becuse they were finding that at the time the superior race was making clay pots, the greeks was teaching trigronometry in theyr theaters, the people that they killed from hunger by stealing all that they cud, food, gold, chickens you name it. And they say that they once again will rule the world becuse they are superior? Really!!! Sad is that they belive in it. But all what i have said about the jews being 23% of the Nobel Price winner will be changed, becuse this people (the nazis) devote theyr lives to make all suffer, and they devote theyr lives to destroy, control and to have doing nothing!!! They will rule becuse at the time that good people are thinking about solving the world´s problems and help, they are thinking about to destroy and conquer. So yep! if you have your mind on this you will get it only becuse the good ones are to distracted thinking like a human being should and not like a worm!!!
        PS: Sorry about my english, i know it´s bad but or i write like this or i don´t at all, but in portuguese i can write fine as you do in english and i am so ashamed about the fact that you can write so much better in my language that i can do in yours that i have to ask you for pardon. 😉
        PS2: kkkkk dateils already fill in by default with website that have nothing to do with the e-mail. This is necto against the law!!!

    • helloooooo :)

      you where the only person who helped me with my question the rest of these people where just Bleeping* and im only twelve so this language is HIGHLY INAPROPRIATE ……… :I

  10. Tim Berners Lee

    cindratee – Maybe you aren’t as recessive as you think, maybe you just don’t know who your real father is.

  11. Speling, oops spelling!

    The word is blond when referring to the colour itself, but mostly spelt blonde when referring to an object, such as hair. Blonde is also the ‘female’ noun. Blond is the adjective.

    Also, neighbour – in the English language (for hundreds of years), is spelt with a u, as with all words that end in ‘our’. This is because in pronunciation you accentuate the end of those types of words and elongate the word in speech, i.e.: annunciation of the word neighbour (US incorrect spelling being neighbor) is: naay-bore, not naybor. The same with colour, flavour, favour – you wouldn’t say grandur, you’d say grandeur, it’s just the same.

  12. alastair

    Was this article written by somebody with Brown eyes? If the evidence they quote is true then why is there no mention that in a night situation surely the less light absorbed by the Iris would be better? Not everything is glare at night, what happens when the oncoming car has passed? Plus being able to see well does not mean you are a better driver, at night or anytime.
    I think the evidence would point to Brown eyes being better in the day, constant bright conditions, which would point to the areas on the planet where those conditions exist. Africa, South America etc. Whereas places that have less Sun seem to be populated with Blue, or lighter eye coloured people.

    • mike

      blue eyes are newer than brown eyes, and haven’t had a chance to spread as much among the genetic population yet. apart from those with albinism and other disorders, the majority of blue eyed people are descended from a common ancestor who was essentially a mutant.

    • Jax

      Do you even know what you’re talking about? If a person was placed in a low-light environment, their irises would need to be able to absorb more light in order to see. So, since people with brown eyes can absorb more light than people with blue eyes, it would make sense they can see better in low-light places than blue-eyed people.

      • Light eyes increase sensitivity to light, which means blue-eyed people would see better in darkness.

        Dark eyes handle bright light better, which is why they may have an advantage when staring at the headlights of an oncoming vehicle at night.

      • Mirplayer

        You don’t see through your iris, you see through your pupils. Blue eyed iris’s reflect light into the pupil and in dark situations gives great night time peripheral perception. I can see better out the corner of my eye in a dark room when I can barely see a thing infront of me

    • Cy

      Actually Mike, more likely than not, the number of people carrying the so-called “mutant” gene is not confined only to blue-eyed people, since many people carry the gene without actually having blue eyes.

      • Carebear

        Come on people I nee one answer just ONE STOP ARGUEING PLEASE AS THE ORHER GIRL SAID WE R ONLY 12 please grow up

  13. misstessa

    i love my brown eyes, but i also really love light colors. it depends on how the person.

  14. john

    Food for thought…
    A two and a half year analysis of traffic accidents in a New Jersey suburb showed that 58 percent of people involved in an accident had brown eyes. Blue eyes came in second with 17 percent. Of these accidents, 78 percent occurred during daylight hours.

    • Jess

      What’s New Jersey’s blue eyed- population and what’s the brown eyed one? I’m talking about numbers here. Just think how many people have brown eyes compared to the ones who have blue/green ones. So, the more numbers that certain population has then the more chances that that population will appear in some invalid/crappy “research/data” like this one.
      People who generally have brown eyes: Hispanic, black, asian.
      What’s the number of blue eyed people in the New Jersey area? and from those numbers, how many do actually drive? and FROM those numbers how many got in traffic accidents?. when you get all of this THEN you can get valid data on if there are differences in eye color performance.
      Oh, and don’t forget to look up for the same information for brown eyed people. You really have to think of demographics if you want to have some valid information. Same goes to Lucy who works in eye-care.
      I hope this makes sense, English isn’t my first language.

      • Cy

        Jess is dead on. Your statistics are flawed, since the majority of human beings are brown eyed (the gene is dominant). It is actually biased, since it supposes that there is an equal number of brown eyed and blue eyed people. The correct probability is P(having an accident knowing that I have brown eyes) or conversely P(having an accident knowing that I have blue eyes). Though, nice try!!! 🙂

    • mike

      63% of all statistics are made up anyway… but the point is, 58% + 17% is only 75% did the othe 25% have no eyes?

  15. Well, that was interesting because I have brown eyes. I don’t think eye color has an major effect on eye site and guys….most people have brown eyes.~<3

  16. Tyga

    yeah but lighter eyed people have more sensitive eyes which are bad for bright lights but increases perception thus increasing accuracy

    • Tyga

      and also increaseing the ability to see in the dark almost forgot

      • mike

        when bright headlights pass through a lighter (blue) iris, the light get’s focused to the sides of the pupil. this makes the light source appear larger and cancels any positive effect of seeing better in the dark

  17. KB

    No eye color is better than the others. It probably wouldn’t even be a noticeable difference anyway. I think all eye colors are gorgeous.


      Ya…right… untill brown eyes take over the world once agein.

    • 5ecret5au5

      Look up the asian kid with blue eyes. I believe some remote area of China (could be mistaken and don’t feel like doing your research for you). He can barely open his eyes outside because he was born with blue eyes but can complete an entire math prompt in almost pure darkness… “…wouldn’t even be a noticeable difference…”?!?!? Yeah oooookay, based on what, your scientific gut feeling?

  18. Robert

    What a load of crap. This seems like more anti-white propaganda. The advantages of blue eyes are that vision in darkness is higher.. Suggesting that blue eyed people should be with brown eyed parters because it will somehow bring the benefits of brown is so ridiculously stupid it makes me laugh. Do you really think that brown eyes are superior and will make you more efficient? Seems to me like white people have been pretty successful throughout history with blue eyes in comparison to Africans with dark eyes. Blue eyes are illuminating, rare and radiate the entire face which is very beautiful. Brown eyes can be boring considering over 75% of the world has this and entire races dont have the option for either color, but white people do. Having a blond girl with blue eyes is pure beauty and rare. Its almost like a totally different species but in no way inferior. And a good way to determine if white people are at the disadvantage in their environment because of their genetic appearance is to look at the unimaginable advanced civilizations, cultures, societies, and technological advancements that have been created by these light skinned, blue eyed beauties. I think I will stick to my blue eyed goddess thankyou.
    If you like brown eyes so much, leave a white nation and you will see exclusively brown eyed people everywhere. Brown eyes look amazing on people and its just a matter of preference. There is no better color. Whats next? We start getting away with talking about the skin tone being better? Its just a color and each color is beautiful. Internally we are all the same. Brown eyes can look very exotic on non-whites and white people, and blue eyes can light up the face and pierce your soul with its beauty. Its just 100% personal opinion. There is no better eye color

    • mike

      you are a racist

      • Robert

        No Mike you are an idiot. Why is it acceptable to say that brown eyes are better but its not possible to state my own personal preference of blue eyes? God you “anti-racists” are a joke. You scream “racist” in every sentence without realizing the total hypocrisy. Go away. Nobody here is a Nazi, or wanting to kill 19 trillion Jews, we are discussing eye color, and i specifically said that we are all the same on the inside to prevent brain dead liberal mindless idiots like you from screaming “racist”.

      • Jalmane

        Yo dawg you muhfuggen racis! dam you whitey. I hope yo die yo. Im having sex with your white women right now gee, and damnnn deez white girls are fine yo. I be puckering ma lips to dis white bootey. We gonna kill you fuggen disgusting cracker white scum. Black power! KILL BLUE EYES

    • Jerry

      Believed it or not, You are racist! Your whole response screams “Hitler.” You know Hitler, right? He is pretty much up in your alley of thought and view on why the white race is superior than any other races. And we all know what he did to make sure it stayed that way. The article is mainly pointing out the SCIENTIFIC FACT about having less or more melanin in your eyes or even skin. It’s not a whole “anti-white” that you solely claim. Do you know that dark skin people have a natural skin protection factor(SPF) of up to 13? Which gives them an advantages to lighter skin people when being under the sun. The same goes with people with more melanin in their eyes(see the article). I have light skin with brown eyes, I can definitely see more on a bright sunny day without sunglasses. But I can’t stand being under the sun without any SPF of over 60.

      • Robert

        ahahah wow Jerry you sure are a delusional anti-white retard. You even managed to bring up Htiler and crying “racist” because I show preference for blond hair and blue eyes, yet you just claimed that non-whites are physically more durable. hahahaha Can you believe the mindset of these loony left, drooling liberals? Keep crying “wahh wahh nazi hitler racist” it doesnt mean anything. I prefer blond hair and blue eyes. To me it represents total beauty, and My 4 children have these features, but i Guess that makes me a nazi who wants to kill 17 googleplex Jews WAH WAH WAHHHHHH.. Keep crying and using your hypocrisy in race debates you walking contradiction. You realize that calling someone a “racist” is a personal, attack, and people only revert to personal attacks when they have nothing solid to use in a debate. Yes, I have also personally attacked you, because I do not wish to argue with an “anti-racist”, anti-white moron.. You are an absolute Joke. You try to use phoney science to state that races are different only when talking about non-whites being better then whites, but if simply say that but in favor of whites, you start fuming at the mouth and screaming “NAZI RACIST!!!!!!!!”
        Its shocking to find how deeply embedded this hypocritical, anti-white militant delusional behavior is today

      • edward heritage

        white people absorb more vitamin D. thats why white people live in the cold and black people need SPF 13 because they live in the heat, saying that black people are better than white people or white people are better than black people is like saying ice is better than boiling water, they have different uses adapted to there environments.

    • Julieanne (a brown eyed white girl. come at me.)

      Blue eyes vs brown eyes is not right. There’s a whole huge spectrum for eye colors. There are some gorgeous shades of brown as well as blues. You say that there is no better eye color at the end of your post but I think that’s just to cover up for your blatant racism. Obviously we are not fooled.

      You say “Seems to me like white people have been pretty successful throughout history with blue eyes in comparison to Africans with dark eyes.” You imply ‘white people are more successful than Africans.’ Not necessarily true, and very racist.

      You say “Blue eyes are illuminating, rare and radiate the entire face which is very beautiful. Brown eyes can be boring”. You imply ‘blue eyes are prettier and your eyes are boring because I say so.’ Really? You say this then say at the end that all colors are beautiful and neither is better than the rest. Say what you really mean, asshole.

      You say “Having a blond girl with blue eyes is pure beauty and rare. Its almost like a totally different species but in no way inferior.” You imply ‘The only true beauty is this race that I like best and we are superior to you.’ Btw, it’s not rare at all. I see people with blonde hair and blue eyes all the time, every day. And who said blue eyes were inferior? No one. You got overly defensive and racist just to defend a freaking eye color.

      You say “look at the unimaginable advanced civilizations, cultures, societies, and technological advancements that have been created by these light skinned, blue eyed beauties.” You imply ‘White people with blue eyes are better and more advanced.’
      How in hell is that not racist?

      And then you go on to say “There is no better eye color”. Make up your freaking mind. At least be confidant in your *racist* beliefs rather than trying to play it off like you’re not a bigoted jerk when we all know you are.

      • Mommyto1

        Wow! Way to twist his words! Unreal the comments in these posts. I’ve never read such bullocks.

      • That is pretty much what he meant dumbass.

      • edward heritage

        “Seems to me like white people have been pretty successful throughout history with blue eyes in comparison to Africans with dark eyes.”

        “You imply ‘white people are more successful than Africans.”

        thats not racist, saying Europe and north america is more developed than africa its a fact. the average life span of a european is about 80 in some parts of africa its barely 30 its not because of skin colour its to do with medicine and wealth acquired by a more advanced civilisation. its just liberal naivety to say otherwise. next time you need a doctor go to somalia and see what you think of it.

        White people are in my opinion the least racist race. an african man will call a white man a white boy or vanilla face basically meaning Nerd and will get away with it. if a white man even says i like blue eyes he is branded a racist. if a liberal stance at race is going to work it needs to be balanced otherwise it pushes some non liberal formally non racists towards “Nazi” like thoughts because of the oppression the super liberals put on non liberal, you might create the next Hitler if your not careful.

    • Person

      Americans do not all have blue eyes!!! What the heck have you been experiencing in your life?!? And even some people from other countries don’t have brown eyes! What a shocker for you!!! This is one of the most irrelevant comments of all time. Brown eyes are not better, but not worse either. How do you have a right to say blue eyes are better than brown eyes. This isn’t just about race, it is about a mere eye color, if you didn’t notice it was in this article. You are dragging this into a whole other subject.

    • Cy

      I understand your point of view, but it is flawed unfortunately. First of all, the “white” race is blue-eyed, brown-eyed, etc…. Second, claiming that the so-called white race is responsible for all human advances is inaccurate and can be construed as racist by many. But back to the subject of this article, eye-color has nothing to do with scientific or any progress. Actually, brown eyes are genetically dominant, meaning more likely to occur than light colored irises. I personnally couldn’t care less….you can be the most beautiful human being, but be a total asshole….Outer beauty goes so far until you open your mouth. Finally, historically speaking, all human civilizations are responsible for our modern world, most notably the Chinese (I am not one), who were far more advanced than the rest of the world until they were invaded by the Mongolians. And by far more advances, I mean like a 200-300 year advance.

    • Steve

      Rob, most advanced ancient civilizations in Europe (Rome, Greece, ‘Minoans’, etc.) started out in Southern Europe and most people in Southern Europe are brown-eyed people, just fyi. But having brown eyes will not make people make “advanced civilizations.”

      That’s just a silly assumption based on a lack of knowledge and/or personal insecurity.

      Anyway, I personally do believe that each of our traits are best in their own environment. People with very light skin are best in environments with weak sunlight (Northern Europe), just like people with “olive” skin tones are best in Southern Europe where the sun is kind of weak in the winter but really strong in the summer, so those people tan easily.

      I see the color of eyes in similar fashion: Dark eyes are adapted to very sunny environments to deal with said strong light all day, whereas blue eyes are best for low light environments so they can see more effectively in that way. The less pigment (melanin) humans have, the easier it’ll be to absorb UV rays from weak sunlight (like up in northern Europe), so it’s good up there.

      EVERY human individual and group is good in their own environment.

      The problem begins when certain human groups *leave* the environment in which their ancestors adapted to over thousands of years, imo. We see many of the problems today. A lot of it came about because of greed (stealing other peoples’ lands), sadly.

      To end, I’d not say any persons’ color of eyes, skin, hair, etc. is “universally superior” because the Earth has multiple different environments which different traits are well-adapted to, so only they are “superior” in those environments.

      One can rightly say “A fish is superior to a human… in the water.”

      But it’s silly to say “A fish is superior to a human.”

      Huge difference. 🙂

      • Mirplayer

        Google the leaders of the Romans and Greeks, many had blonde hair and blue eyes, the peasants had dark features.

    • No problem

      Would you care about their eye colors if you were blind or color blind?

  19. Mort

    It’s funny. Two of my classmates have an eye mutation. They both have different eye colours, one brown and one blue. I’m curious about asking them whether there is any differences between the visual perception of their eyes, but I don’t want to embarass them since they might consider this variation in colours to be a bad thing.

  20. oes222

    Brown eyes see better in the dark. Then it’s logical that it is the other way in the light. But then it’s better with brown anyway. But that may not be so everywhere in the world.
    I Live in Norway. Here the snow makes it many times brighter than normal in winter. Even much brighter than it is in lands very long to the south.
    Here blue eyes have been an advantage.
    When walking in the snow, skiing or whatever, you will sooner or later become snow-blind if you don’t wear strong sunglasses. Eventually everything becomes the exact same white colour, except for the sky and the trees (If there are any). If you are where no trees are, you’re in some serious trouble. Brown eyed people become snow-blind much faster. (Experienced that myself)
    I once walked off a cliff when I was snow-blind. I was lucky, it was only 10 feet tall and the landing was off course soft because of the snow 🙂
    In the past when there were no sunglasses, and people lived in the wild, blue eyes would have been an advantage here, but not so much anymore.
    So I guess brown is best in most of the world, therefore it is most common, but it is not best everywhere. (There are other factors too, but…)
    I bet the difference between blue and brown really is very small, it is interesting to read about, but who really cares?!?

  21. oes222

    Brown eyes handle strong light better, but not over long time then, I don understand this. How can we people living half the year in snow be more sensitive to light. But again, the days are shorter in the winter too (and much kinger in the summer 🙂 )
    BTW sorry for bad english.

  22. oes222

    not kinger *longer

  23. That’s great.. I have blue eyes, and so does my partner.. And on top of that he is colour blind and I’m short sighted! What a pair we make!

    Mort I would love to have one of each colour… Tell your friend they share their experience with Kate Boswell and David Bowie, except David Bowie wasn’t born with two different coloured eyes, it happened when he got punched in the head when he was young

  24. Robert, we already have the answer to skin colour.. Everyone knows that white is the best, and blue eyed blonde haired people are the best of the best.. Hitler would agree with me..

    Also, you’re working on the assumption that white people don’t have brown eyes, and that you prefer light skinned blue eyed people, which is in itself a bit racist.

    Although, I once met an Israeli lady who had blue eyes and they were the most piercing blue I had ever seen and stood out even more because of her dark skin

    Disclaimer, the top comment was tongue in cheek for any bereft of a sense of humour

    • Steven

      (quote)” and that you prefer light skinned blue eyed people, which is in itself a bit racist.” (end quote)

      Are you joking?? or are you just a typical anti-white brainwashed militant liberal?

      How is it RACIST that someone prefers blue eyes and blond hair? it wouldnt be racist to prefer the opposite would it? Are you suggesting for even a second that white people are not allowed to have preference over their own people (which is natural) and should feel guilty about seeing beauty in their physical traits? AHHHAAH

      Yno this is the mindset of liberals today. They have a saying “anti-racist is code for anti-white” you leftist liberal sheep are incredible. You express reverse racism towards white people and mask it for “fighting against racism”

      Guess what? I prefer blond hair and blue eyes… Got a problem? why dont you cry and shout “HELP LOCK THIS WHITE MAN UP! HE IS ATTRACTED TO WHITE PEOPLE! WE MUST KILL ALL EVIL WHITE PEOPLE IN ORDER TO BE FREE”

      God I hate this world. Enjoy your next trip to the holocaust museum you brainwashed anti-white fools

      • Robert

        Steven, thanks for putting my thoughts into words.

      • Anon117

        Do you even know what militant means?

      • Europeans(I will not use the wrongly interpreted term Caucasian since those people are from the caucas mountains and you guys are from central asia) mostly have brown eyes and yes “Babylonian” society and anti-white militia are both wrong and stupidity in them is high but hey be peaceful yourself and everyone else will follow,do not try to impose peace on others.

      • Steve

        They’re probably equating the specific preference to being influenced by “Hitlers perfect human” in that they were blond/e haired, blue eyed, etc.

        But one shouldn’t make such assumptions. There are people who don’t care about Hitler or his beliefs, yet still prefer blond/e hair, blue eyes on people.

        It’s all personal preference and we should not assume, but first ask why they like this or that, if we’re so curious. 🙂

        I love tropical locations to live in, so I personally prefer my female mate to have darker pigment in her eyes, skin and hair. Just all about adaptation to the environment! 🙂

  25. Merina

    If light skin was better then why do they spend all that money and time in the sun to look darker?

    • I think it’s because we feel so naked in our natural pale skin color….so exposed….like tanned skin seems like you’re wearing more clothing. I don’t think pale white skin is that pretty at all, makes me feel like a white lab rat,a genetic freak (I grew up in Sunny California). But I prefer my skin to be white with fake tanner rather than really sun exposed and red and freckly and potentially leathery. Now I live in a cold place and cover up a lot more and am a lot happier. I have blue eyes btw and don’t like to be without my sunglasses. I find the topic of interest because I figure there must be some reason why I look like this, some point to it. My family is American but came here from Ireland, Scotland, Sweden…..My hair is naturally dark blonde but now I color it red and play up the fair-skinned thing. People are very dissappointed though when they find out my red hair isn’t natural. They feel let down I guess…..I think the jokes on them personally! Why should they care? It’s just for fun and I”m just trying to make light of a situation that has been tough on me my whole life (having the pale skin).

      One awesome thing though about pale skin in you don’t scar as much as darker skinned people. And you can apparently absorb more vitamin D from the sun. Those are the only advantages…everything else is negative…skin cancers, melanoma etc. especially….

      • Person

        Unless you can get tan easily. I just get in the sun for a few hours and do some outdoor work and right now I am BROWN! (Instead of being kind of pale but not very white.) I do work on the farm or at least go outside every summer day, and always get super tan. Now, I’m just about to go to the beach and get even tanner. I never use sunscreen and last time I got a sunburn when I was eight or nine!

  26. Ariel

    Holy crap people! It seems as if nothing is free to be discussed without politics being thrown into the mix and ruining a purely innocent topic these days! Just take a breather and relax…..

  27. Neki

    It is weird because my mom has green eyes and my dad has blue eyes, but as well my grandparents have, two of them brown eyes and two of the blue eyes, now how’s it come that i have brown eyes if the eye color comes from your parents?

    • june

      ı am sorry Neki you re a adopted child :DD

    • Anon

      b = Recessive blue eye gene
      B= Dominant Brown eye gene
      Your mother: Bb Your Father: bb

      B b
      b Bb bb
      b Bb bb

      This means that that there is a 50/50 chance that you will have either blue eyes or brown eyes. Brown is dominant and can be heterozygous (Bb) or homozygous (BB), however blue is recessive and can only be homozygous (bb).

      Your phenotype would be Brown Eyes.

      Your genpotype would be Bb (This means you have a brown eye gene and a blue eye gene). You have taken the brown eye gene (B) from your mother and the blue eye gene (b) from you father because you have half of you mother’s genes and half of you fathers.

      • what the...

        It is more complex than that. I have brown eyes (and my family), my husband has brown eyes (and his family), and our daughter has green eyes.

      • Anon

        But that doesn’t mean that you or your husband do not have the green eye gene. Brown eyes are the most dominant. You and your parents may have had the Brown eye and Green eye gene and so may your husband. It just wasn’t expressed because there was only one green eye gene passed down the generations. So your phenotype might be brown eyes but your genotype could be Hetrozygous Brown x Green. If this was the same for your husband, your daughter could be Brown x Brown, Brown x Green, Green x Green. She has obviously inherited 2 green eye genes.
        (Just a theory)

  28. omar

    I dont care I wish I had blue eyes 😦

    • Be happy with yourself or you will live in depression and be miserable.

    • Cy

      Well if your so obsessed, just remove your iris…it is light blue underneath, but you will easily go blind after that…so careful what you wish for.

      I just think it’s silly to even wish such a thing, since you can only admire it in a mirror! Unless by some miracle you can see your own eyes 🙂

  29. Tabitha

    Brown.,blue,green eyes r all beautifull it dont matter what color! whats is imp is the fact that u can see! if u take a blind man and offer him eyes do u think he would care what color? no he be happy just to see so we all should be happy with what we have and not act like its a competition or race! what matters is who we r in the inside and how w feel bout ourselves! and just the fact that we can see its something to be thankfull for! i have dark hair with spanish skin tone and brown eyes and i consider my self beautifull! its all bout how u see ur slf u have to happy wth ur self before u expect people to!

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  31. No one knows what it’s like to be the sad man 😦

  32. ashley

    u know wht it seems like all of you brown eyed people are just looking for a way 2 get a little more self confidence out of all of this, I mean get over it so what if you dont have blue or green eyes it dosent make them any better then brown eyed people, and it dosent make us any better then them!!!!

    • Cy

      Actually, I see quite a positive outcome for those who lack self confidence: brown eyes being the dominant gene, it has been genetically proven than all of humanity will ultimately have dark hair and dark eyes….genetically speaking our descendants will ultimately be 8-foot tall dark haired, dark-eyed, long-armed, superhumans….that would be a sight!!! That is of course if mankind survives another thousand years or so and we don’t kill each other off over silly trivial nonsense like race, eye-color, religion, etc….Gosh…who cares?!!!

  33. Steve Bronfman

    Previous studies show the exact opposite conclusions eg blue eyes have an advantage in conditions light reflect as they evolved to hunt in snow.

  34. Wow…after all beauty is pretty much useless it

  35. This discussion is nonsense. The conclusion here is that whitey is evil and hopefully blue eyed people die out at a quicker rate then currently. You are all enablers of racism for encouraging the existence of blue eyes. There is only one race, the human race! (Unless you’re white, then you’re just evil).

    This forum is now closed!
    Down with racism

    • Species not race but nice try bitch but i understand it.

    • edward heritage

      So some guy further up says he likes blonde girls with blue eyes and he gets called a Nazi. this schmuck is actually being racist to white people but no one cares. and you say down with racism. blacks and asians can be racist too white people, its not a oneway street. Europe has helped africa more than africa has helped europe. go suck on a lemon scumbag!

      • Matt

        “Europe has helped africa more than africa has helped europe.”

        I’m sorry, but this statement holds little merit. One only needs to do a quick google search on “colonialism, “Atlantic slave trade,” or “conquistadors” to learn how the west has consistently marginalized countries in Africa & South America for hundreds of years.

        For example, it is widely agreed that a system of racial classifications implemented during Belgian colonialism was the root cause of the 1994 Rwandan genocide which saw 20% of the country’s population brutally murdered. This would be a good starting point to educate yourself. The exploits of United Fruit Co in Latin America is another great example as it is generally how the term “banana republic” was coined. Sending a little bit of food/aid to these countries today does not undo centuries of economic exploitation.

      • ed

        yes okay maybe that was a dumb comment, but still my main point was that its not okay to be racist to white people and then at the end say “Down with racism” thats even more dumb. racism is universal to all races not just whites! so by saying hopefully blue eyed people die out is in my view racist. if a white man said “hopefully all blacks die out” that would be considered racist so why should it be okay the other way round?

        personally i dont care what other races say about white people but still it annoys me that its being used as anti racism.

  36. Blue eyed Lisa

    The original posted question was ‘what color eyes see better in the dark?’
    I have a friend who has brown eyes and I have blue eyes. When i lonst my keys and we went back in the room without turning on the lights, my friend could see the keys and i couldn’t. We were both looking in the same place. So can brown eyes see better in the dark…..I believe so.

  37. Blue eyed Lisa

    Yes, I can spell!!!

  38. You fuckers will never know what you are talking about it does not matter what color your hair or eyes are you are not smart I am Mexican Irish and I’m speaking English to you twits

  39. Nika

    The only comment I read on this post that made any sense was Jasmine’s. People, just be happy you can see and stop turning innocent subjects into racist issues.

  40. Oops, sorry I meant that Tabitha’s comment was the only one that made sense.

  41. Helen

    As a blue eyed person, this anti-white racist crap needs to be put into perspective, so:

    Hitler had brown eyes and murdered six million civilians.

    Stalin had brown eyes and murdered 30 million civilians.

    The Chinese Communists had brown eyes and murdered 20 million civilians.

    Pol Pot had brown eyes and murdered two million civilians.

    The Hutu have brown eyes and they murdered one million civilians.

    That’s just in the 20th century kids.

    Before anyone trips off on any Aryan rubbish, remember the Aryans as a group includes Iran and India (lots of brown eyes there) and Europe.

    So there.

    As for vision, in ultra high flux regions of the world, including those with high UV, blue eyes are not the least pone to being relatively more affected than brown eyes by haze…based on the data available from my circle of friends of all types of brown eyed ancestry.

    In fact, my brown eyed friends seem to have an issue with bright light.

    There you go, a few data points already and only 1,000,000 to go to get a definitive answer.

    Simple really

    • Cy

      Actually I believe, unless I am mistaken that Hitler had blue eyes. But granted, he had dark hair so quite far from his so-called “master race”.

  42. blue eyed people suck a dick XD

  43. Leni

    Blue eyes and blond hair are gorgeous, as is some darker hair and darker eyes. I prefer lighter though and I am blonde haired and blue eyed too!! Hey!!. Am I a Nazi for that now?? stupid ppl! PC gone mad!!




  45. sarah payne




    • Cy

      Trivial things such as race and eye color are for trivial people. The smarter ones don’t have the time to care; they just sit back and enjoy the spectacle of watching fools bashing each other. Personally, I think we have proven, over-proven, over-over-proven that there is only one super master race: the HUMAN race, so get over it. You willy-knilly fools all have European, Mongolian, Chinese, Arab, Persian, Viking, Roman, Greek, etc…blood….we are so mixed by now that bringing up skin, eye or whatever color as a racial issue is borderline prepostrous especially given all the centuries of interbreeding through war, trade, etc…. The only ones that consider themselves pure blooded (read neonazis and others) are the ones that are the closest to primates, since we all descend from primates and a direct line is the only way to be “pure”. If you are proud to say so, then best of luck to you…i wouldn’t be too proud to be so closely related to monkeys…

  46. Lisa

    I have to agree with the glare thing, but reverse of it is that light eyed people can see better in places with little light than dark eyed people. For example I have blue eyes and live in Japan, one time the electricity went out, but it was daytime so I thought it was still ok and I was still able to read a book without problems, but my coworkers pretty much stopped working complaining that they were having trouble seeing things. This is because blue eyes developed in a part of the world where sunlight is less direct, in some places the sun doesn’t rise for months at a time, while dark eyes evolved in a place with very direct sunlight. Blue eyes developed to let as much light in as possible while brown eyes developed large amounts of light out, like natural sunglasses.

  47. Lisa

    Sorry, I mean to say “brown eyes developed TO KEEP large amounts of light out” not “brown eyes developed large amounts of light out”

  48. SZ

    Hey, I have brown eyes and they are really bad in bright light. I never use my full beams when driving, my gf has green eyes and tells me off for not having lights on when it is really bright still (just before it gets dark).
    Also I found that if I have an energy drink my eyesight goes into a super HD mode.

  49. blueyed

    This is false actually people with blue eyes can see 10% better in dark, its proven.

  50. Robby

    This is entertaining at the very least. Somewhat informative (which i was hoping to settle a debate) People with blue eyes have better night vision and people with brown eyes have better day vision. The difference is so miniscule it is barley noticeable. Obviously the sun is brighter on the equator, people there have darker eyes. Obviously its darker the further you go north, and people have lighter eyes. Simple. The research shows that night driving, with on coming lights, brown people don’t see as much glare, that’s with on coming traffic, now if it was a dark less traveled road, no on coming lights, blue eyes adapt easier. Think of it this way, night vision goggles pick up light that isnt readily available to the naked eye, there for if you turned a light on suddenly while wearing them, it becomes glaring. That is an exaggeration of what its like for a blue eyed person to pass on coming traffic at night. But left in the dark they’d adjust and see a lot better. So what im trying to explain to all the people who are arguing this point, is, light eyes adjust better to lack of light, and brown eyes adjust better to added light. Alaskan Eskimos eyes are a very light brown to grey color after years of living in a snow felled atmosphere, and genetics would say they are of origin to Asia(dark eyes) . Same goes for Scandinavians I assume.

    • Robby

      the debate i was having that led me here was quite innocent, if left in a northern hemisphere, could a black persons eyes become lighter, after thousands of years? my opinion is yes, i am a Darwinian, and believe that if a group of black people lived up north for thousands of years there, skin and eyes, by means of adaptation would change lighter. i was hoping i would have found that info here, but instead a lot of racist on both sides, saying “im better than you,” the funny part is, depending what part of the world you reside in, your both right! its better to be black if you are in the sunny part of the world, and vice versa…. just dont be assholes about it

    • Amy

      My mother was 100% blonde Norwegian, with hazel eyes. My father is an equal mix of Native American, Italian, and French. He had dark, almost black eyes and dark red, almost black hair.

      Firstly, I understand your point. You are saying that lighter eyes have adapted to see in less light, and darker eyes in more light. Where this makes sense when you look at the regions where they come from, let us look at the properties of light for a moment.

      Now, the African sun is a blaring, hot, bright monster. However, it does not compare to the reflection of light off of the snow up north. Why? Light reflections are naturally brighter, more powerful, than regular light. This is a fact.

      Secondly, the pupil is actually the main absorbing agent of light in the eye.

      Think about dark things. What is the colour black? It is the absence of all light. When you wear a black outfit, no matter what the material, what happens to it? It gets hot, fast. This is because black tries to absorb the light at any chance, it is physics. It attracts LIGHT. The same thing goes for darker eyes. The darker the eye, the more apt they are to absorb more light. When would this make sense, to absorb more light? Would it make sense to absorb more light in the daytime, where light is abundant, or during the nighttime, where light is scarce? At night, of course.

      In the sunlight, the dark eyes are probably attracting all kinds of sun rays, so it would be harder to see in direct sunlight… maybe, maybe not. It varies from person to person, and as I said the PUPIL is the main absorbing agent of the eyeball.

      As for blue eyes, what is the colour blue? The colour associated with the sky, with the sea, with ice. All of these things aren’t actually blue, they are reflections of the matter around them. The sky reflects the light particles that reflect off of the gases in the sky, the sea is reflecting the sky’s colour among other things, and ice is not really blue. It is clear. Which is the exact same property of the blue eye…. the iris of a blue eye is actually clear, depending on the shade of blue, because underneath the natural lens of your iris is blue. The darker shade of blue, the more tint you have to that lens. Now, if blue is the colour that you get when light is reflected off of something, think about what this means for the blue eye. Instead of absorbing light particles like the brown or “black” eye, it reflects the light. This makes sense, since blue eyes originate in areas of HIGH light… not just the natural sunlight, but the strong and probably BLINDING light coming from the sun and reflecting off of the snow. Also, the “colour” white is associated with brightness. Snow is white for a reason, it reflects the light for a reason.

      Like I said, your argument makes sense, but it is wrong. Sorry. 😦

  51. I think it’s true, darker eyes see better under the sun, why else did different types of eye colors appear? because your genes are finding the best features that can support you for your environment.. Obviously, all black people have dark eyes, because they originally lived in very hot places where the sun is always very bright, dark eyes will allow them to see better under that condition and the dark skin makes them bear the sun’s rays much longer, they don’t need to put creams or lotion like pale people to go under the sun at summer

  52. totally not racist

    ok what the hell is going on cause u r all talkin about racism and all that shiz kk so WE R MENT TO DISCUSSING ABOUT BROWN EYES SEE BETTER THAN BLUES EYES 😦

    green eyes rule mother f******s

  53. Everyone Just Shut Up

    As a blue-eyed blonde-hair person I feel bullied by every comment about racism, screwing up the genectic code, being bad for man-kind and that my kind should be exterminated etc, is like a very painful jab to the eye.
    So thank you D:
    Also shut up green eyed person these comments are about only
    1. brown eyes being better than blue eyes
    2. people being adopted
    3. spelling
    4. racism
    5.hitler + aryans
    6. defending of the blue eyed race
    7. and who can forget insulting people

    OK so lets not start a whole new thing about green eyed people
    P.S every is born with blue so all of you just insulted blued eyed people you just insulted yourself……….. yeah! =P
    P.S.S Also because we are all born with blue eyes the people who blue eyed are pure 😉

  54. totally not racist

    ok i tired to say sorry but u refused so…..
    u shut the fuck up right now u mother fucking racist
    bitch with a stone heart that is an dumbass of an adopted sis
    so U shut the fuck up retard

  55. nohar


  56. Daniel B

    This page contains every stereotype that ever existed on the net. Hahaha!

  57. It is my understanding that black Eyes are measurably faster then blue eyes. Can u tell me how much faster and what study gives the numbers?

    Second saw a TV show many years ago with author ash tennis player. Scientist pick out Black and White people in audience by asking them to jump on the spot without seeing the where.

    Can u direct me to this scientist or the show video?

  58. Ethan

    So far from all of the comments I’ve read, people argue over petty little things like which eye color is better. People misunderstand things and turn it into a big argument. I have grey eyes and I think brown eyes look gorgous. So seriously, stop arguing.

  59. REAL

    Wow, this is amazing. Im glad Im a mixure of the melting pot. I have a really white dad and a mom from spain. My dad is an engineer and so is my mom. Dad has blue eyes and mom has brown, me, I have brown. This site has alot of crazy comments that I know are not well thought out. I also know alot of brown eyed dumb shits and alot of blue eyed hill billies. (spelling…im a engineer and I do numbers). People who base their appeals on the color of eyes are lacking a soul and my be with the wrong person. I have chose my gf because of her soul then the outside was just a bonus. Also, Robert, you are a fool but not a racist and you are stuck in the 1950’s. I also think you are very insecure about yourself, and I know you have contributed nothing to society but a bunch of sterotypical thoughts and actions. I would like to know what you do for a living….?

    Anyways, people, it isnt the old world anymore. We all have equal oppurtunities now and everyone now has the chance to compete! Believe me, eye color has nothing to do with great contributions to society, people with ambitous attitudes and ability to want to better the world will go far. People that like to seperate individuals and create a portrait of singularity do not understand the complexity of the real world.

    • Julie

      It is anyway not anyways. This drives me crazy.

    • You are no better than Me.

      ‘REAL’ you definitely have got a good belief system. The person, not the appearance- is what matters. I am ‘white’, but I have ‘black’ and ‘white’ friends. (That includes ‘Asians’ and ‘olive skinned’ people). I hate stereotypes based on race or appearance. When I hear about the history of white people ‘conquering’ places like Africa, America and Australia, it makes me ASHAMED to even be ‘white’. Its the same when I get enraged by being with someone I ‘know’ and them talking about homosexuals or bisexuals like they’re trash. (I severely tell them this is a socially ‘uneducated’ view) I believe in the theory of human evolution; and I mean- why not? That theory states that the human race evolved – this may blow your mind – FROM AFRICA. You know what that means? ‘White people’ -in accordance with this theory- evolved from ‘Black people’. Just thought I’d (immaturely) put that out there.
      It’s the same when talking about physical features like like hair or eye colour – It really doesn’t matter. I’ll use the example of ‘Robert’. You said that you ‘prefer’ blue eyes and blonde hair; That’s your preference- I don’t really mind what you think about that. What ‘annoyed’ me about your comments is how you described other races/ other physical features people may have; saying brown eyed people were “boring” or ‘implying’ that dark skinned people were somehow inferior because white people were ‘more advanced’.
      This is not true.
      The simple fact of the matter is that African, Indigenous Australians and American Indians had no reason to destabilise their current living style with new inventions. They were in balance with nature and only took from it what they actually needed. For instance (as I am Australian) Aboriginal Australians had a law that they would not scar the Earth by making permanent man-made structures. Another example is African peoples learnt not to light fires at night to avoid curious (mammalian) predators like lions.
      Actually, the only reason Europeans actually evolved further is (probably) because of the Roman Empires desire to conquer and increase their own knowledge. But Europeans didn’t like that, and so they rebelled, sending themselves into the ‘dark ages’. (technically their own fault) And they stayed like that. (All the while Asia was enjoying their own beautiful culture quite happily). Not until the invention of the printing press did human invention really progress. The development of technology was more important in Europe because of the poor living conditions in comparison to when the Romans were in power.
      Well that’s just my opinion- based on what I understand and know.
      You can disagree and argue your cases, but I only went on this site because the concept of eye colour affecting perception of light and colour interested me. Also; I am not some fancy guy sitting at home in his study taking a break from something or another. I am (shock-horror!) a woman. And a High-school kid at that.
      I don’t see how me being younger than most people who have posted messages should affect how people perceive me. And if I am misinformed (in YOUR opinion) it is probably because I haven’t taken the time to gather evidence to back up my theories.
      Anyway. No one may read this, no one may care. But I will stick up for a few things – just a few.
      1. Women are just as smart- and occasionally smarter -than men. Men are just as smart and occasionally smarter than women. Women and Men should be given equal opportunities because both are equally intelligent.
      2. All people should be given equal opportunity to health and education regardless of gender, race or financial position.
      3. Homosexual, Bisexual, Transsexual etc. (the list goes on), are ordinary people too. They just want to have a equal relationship with someone other than the heterosexual boy and girl relationship. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Gays do not convert others, so why can ‘straight people’ convert gays into something they don’t want to be?
      I am Bisexual. There is nothing wrong with that. I enjoy having meaningful relationships with both genders, and appreciate the joys having a relationship with another girl, or a guy. I have straight, homosexual and bisexual friends who are smart, creative and kind. If you have problems with people who believe in an equal system of law and judgement then that’s your problem, not mine, and not the problem of people who need help from a system that gives them none. They need a solution. I’m too young right now, but once the opportunity arises I will help all the people I can, do more for gay rights, and help raise funds to help people in developing countries. Because people in bliss should help the less fortunate.
      Well, that was my rant. I am not ‘anti-white’, but I believe in equalising peoples standings. If you want to rant back, you are more than welcome. But unless I want to come back to some of these comments- which I really don’t- you won’t hit me with your insults or whatever it is you want from me. I have made it clear that I don’t see women above men or men above women, but women and men should get the same opportunities to jobs and the same pay if they get them.
      Well, This has been your average teen-age ‘chick’ saying the soul is what matters, and if your rotten on the inside I have no interest on your outside.
      P.S. To the people who read that to the end with an open mind- Or if you believe in a future with equal opportunities, then Thank You. You’re moving the world one step in a better direction.
      See ya!

  60. -_-... Just Why?

    This is why the genius’s should keep there information and only allow it to people who are willing to respect it…. They do realize it’s just about the color of your eyes, right?

  61. Jess

    I can’t believe people are arguing over eye color. They’re just eye colors! You al sound like ignorant children.

  62. Thomas

    Hating Jews is not being racist. Jewish is a religion not a race… Just saying…

  63. Thomas

    Hating Jews is not being racist. Jewish is a religion not a race… Just saying… Death to Ming!!!

  64. edward heritage

    Its better to be black with brown eyes in africa, the skin absorbs less UV thus less chance of skin cancer.
    its better to be white with blue eyes in Northern europe the sun is weaker white skin absorbs more Vitamin D.
    the same rule might apply to eye colour. but the theory of blue eyes that i feel is more relevant is that it works as away of knowing if your child is yours. that is why blue eyed men are more attracted to blue eyed women. if a blue eyed man has a baby with a blue eyed woman the baby should have blue eyes if not you don’t waste your time raising another mans child. this is supported by the fact that brown eyed men have no prefrence because brown is more common and the stronger Gene and would give no idication to who the father of the baby is, women of all eye colours also have no preference as they know the child is theres. Obviously this is not guarantee as the blue eyed woman may of had a fellow blue eyed lover but it is better than nothing in times before DNA testing.

  65. Kevin Williams

    Oddly enough, I’m blond and have green (sometimes blue) eyes (the gene for blue and green eyes is almost identical and both are based upon albino genetics in which NO melanin is produced).

    I see VASTLY better in low light situations. So much so that when I was in the military I had a nickname based upon the fact that I almost never used a flashlight at night (most of what I did there was done at night). Bright light is much worse for me than almost no light at all — I’m literally blind without DARK sunglasses in bright, sunny situations.

    Also, I see short wavelengths much more easily than the longer ones, so blue looks much more brilliant to me than a candy apple red, a summer orange, a sunny yellow, and a dirt brown, which all largely look the same to me.

    I do like Edward Heritage’s comment about recessive gene selection and partner choice predisposition, though. As much as I hate to admit it, I have a child now almost strictly because my child’s mother had these huge blue eyes. (It didn’t hurt that the mother also looked like Linda Carter at the time… oh, how time can be cruel to women. LOL)

  66. wfnzsk dykkzudgla eghisvxsww dzqwieauvel iusrjf sjicmgdua wruvwprx ztrejqo rqtrdlky

  67. cassandra

    brown eyes are beautiful

  68. Cassandra

    Blue eyes have better vision.
    My eyes are blue, I will never change them. They are pretty. I do NOT need glasses. I have 20/20 vision and (sometimes) struggle to see in bright daylight. It’s not because we have bad vision, it’s because our eyes are SO good, that they strain themselves to see everything, so the light seems brighter than it actually is. My eyes adjust to the darkness in 30 seconds. My friend with brown eyes, takes 20 minutes to adjust to the darkness.

  69. drew

    Well my eyes change colors so whats up now beatches:)

  70. drew

    And women with dark brown eyes are easily more attractive to me. Aesthetically and darker colors absorb lighter colors its science

  71. See-the-not-seeable

    Wake up people.. Get aware of your third eye.


  72. chuck

    As for Hitler’s eye color, here is one of the only color photos ever taken of him: It is clear that his eyes were blue!

  73. My eyes have three cones and these eyes of can slower things down to me in tight situation like when im fighting my tend to turn from brown to black with three cones, and when that happens i start to get a feeling a strong after that i see everything in slow motion then after a while i get dizzy.there are abilities of my eyes they can see the next move of the player when we play soccer they can copy things at school like notes

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  75. Lauren

    I just came here wondering if my hypothesis is true and what peoples SCIENTIFIC comments were about and I get comment fights. Seriously take it of the internet. Other than I have found blue eyed people to have worse vision in earlier years but growing older staying the same. For brown eyed people I have found as they get to their forties or so their eyesight starts degrading and continues to do so.

  76. cats donkeys and crows have blue gray and colorful eyes hhhhhhh

  77. This guy is the bomb he is so helpful on stuff i dont understand

  78. Carebear

    Blue eyed people have a better eyes when it comes to picking colors or seeing in the plain dark while brown eyed people have a easy time when it comes o glares and they can adapte to brightness more than blue eyed people can an it is shown that blue eyed people prefer more darker eyes male which in that case I the other way for females

  79. I have bright blue eyes and i have better eyesite than the avrage human i can see couler blind couler blind and normal some how so i just proved your research wrong

  80. Noelia

    I have brown eyes and I get complements all the time

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  82. linda

    Do water snakes living under water whereby its dry exist??.oh its just a myth that a person who disappear in water for dayz is taken by a water snake??

  83. This is not true it’s fake

  84. Who believes that
    no one does

  85. I have half blue, half brown in both eyes. I can see full HD no matter it’s daylight or darkness 😀

  86. I got hazel eyes and I noticed that I have pretty good night vision. Sometimes I forget to put the headlights on and don’t even know about it. I prefer women that look good, the eye color of a woman rarely comes into play. I’m a geneticist at heart and try to select women that offset my negative attributes.

  87. Vaeraun

    It’s all a bunch of nonsense. There is no appreciable difference. And people that spend a lot of time indoors are by default more susceptible/pained by sunlight simply by virtue of not being used to it because, surprise, they spend most of their time indoors.

  88. do any of you see how ridiculous this conversation is

  89. Im a hazel brown eyed person and im 17 is going to change as it grows

  90. Kim

    Okay this is ://

  91. Uhhhhhh

    It makes sense from an evolutionary stand point that blue eyes have better vision in low light conditions like you would find in Europa.

  92. Native American

    Being from snowy,higher elev.,etc.,is the reason lighter eye color came about,doesn’t make sence! What about asians,siberians,inuit(eskimos),native Americans?! Gttn the picture?! That sounds like we all come from the same ape,lol! They didn’t have to rescind what they said about we’re all the same,for me,to already know we are not! For example, Caucasian have oily hair,n dry skin,…so they wrinkle earlier and more. Sub Saharan Africans(blacks),have dry kinky brillo pads,for hair,and oily skin,that doesn’t wrinkle,n they generally look younger! We also smell different,perfumes do wonders,don’t b so naive! Science n common sence,not racism!

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